School Programme

Venue: Centro de Desportos e Congressos – Matosinhos

Target: School Community

Schedule: 2pm to 6pm

Creative Industries

Fibres from the future

Feel fragances with functional fibers and be iluminated by photoluminescent fibres! Use anti-counterfeit fibers to see if it is an is na authentic peace!


A playful presentation of computer-aided design is made for a mechanical system. It is made a presentation of a 3D computational animation in SolidWorks.

Fons Vitae Interactive Installation

The interactive installation allows to disseminate information about the Fons Vitae painting in exhibition at the MMIPO Museum. Through a touch screen, which users can shift on the screen, they can have access to the digital zoom and historical information of the various characters in the painting.

Automation and Robotics

Presentation of some field robots and smart systems. A robot climbing a wall? See how it can be done!

Assistive technologies

Bidirectional communication platform of Portuguese Sign Language. Demonstration of two games aimed at the blind community. Approaches for translation between Portuguese and Portuguese Gestural Language.

Revolutionary fibres

Science combined with style and fashion enable the development of high-tech fabrics. Smart, bio-functional, self-regulating or electronic textiles revolutionize the conventional concept of fibres and open doors for countless uses


We are surrounded by objects whose creation was inspire by nature. Its purpose goes beyond aesthetic, allowing us to reproduce the structures and processes of living organisms that have evolved and optimised their adaptability to the environment

Virtual reality

Handle heavy packages… is easy for every one! Find it out, using headsets to have fun and play the game! Be a superhero and lift heavy packages!

VR Exprience

The participants will have the opportunity to use a simulator for driving a car and also a drone

Interactive wall

Let’s create an installation dedicated to the NIGHT with your participation! Come and add your testimony to the history of “Ciência à Moda do Norte – 2017”

Production Engineering

Development of structure for energy absorption for motor vehicle of competition

Presentation of videos with the Formula Student competition vehicle built in ISEP, with crashbox developed

Rainproof Toys

Demonstration of easy-cleaning functionality: small ball of fabric to simulate soccer ball, with easy-cleaning coating to demonstrate mud repellency (or equivalent), in a small tray with water

Production Engineering Game

Come and learn how to make a game of production and distribution in engineering

Eco-treatment of polluted water

Learn how to do the flocculation of stained waters and the milk industry using polymers. This could be a more ecological way to treat polluted water

AR4LIFE - Automation and Robotics for Human Life

How does an artificial hand can be made? What are the materials to be used? Can it be functional? Come and see how the production of new materials and the use of new techniques can improve human life with disabilities

Smoke without fire…

Is it possible to have smoke without fire? Come and discover not only that it is possible, but also that there are numerous industrial applications of this process in the chemical and food industry, transportation and medicine. Have fun… have the chance to taste a smoky drink!


Because they are extremely small sized, nanomaterials can be incorporated into other materials, producing very interesting and innovative features! See how to produce hydrophobic surfaces, anti-fog windows, iron-fluids or metals with memory


Microsatellites have been widely used in terrestrial environment monitoring missions. Simulating the real space satellites, these miniaturised devices perform the same purposes as collecting weather information or track images of the Earth’surface. Learn how to build a microsatellite!

Energy & Mobility

“Sex, Sharks and Rock & Roll”

Come listen to the stories of the marine biologist, businessman and teacher João Correia, who catches sharks (and other fish) for public aquariums, helping them in their conservation and education mission

Discovering the world of plankton

Observation and identification with the magnifying glass of the main groups belonging to the zooplankton of the Berlengas Islands Natural Reserve

Life of marine organisms in the area between tides, on the Portuguese coast

Visualization of a documentary on the life of marine organisms in the area between tides, on the Portuguese coast

Observation and identification of aquatic macroinvertebrates

Get to know the diversity and main groups of macroinvertebrates present in the ponds, their ecological role and their usefulness as indicators of water quality

Ocean lab

On the ocean laboratory we will experience producing energy from microalgae! Have fun!

Coastal biodiversity

Go into a journey through the existing marine biodiversity in coastal areas. You can sort, analyse in the microscope and identify the micro fauna under a beach towel!


Experience to create biopolymers and know the impact that plastics are having on the marin environment. You will identify pellets, microspheres and microfiber in various day-to-day products and analyse their bioaccumulation in marine organisms

Economy of the Sea

What are “smart” materials and how do they work?

Have you ever imagined that a “carpet” can be used to activate LED light? See how this can be done with piezoelectric materials!

Drone that acts in emergencies like fires and floods

Learn how a drone can be improved to be used to reestablish and reinforce communications rapidly in emergency scenarios, such as fires or floods, both for emergency teams on the ground and for populations!

Computer game for renewable energies

See how much you know about renewable energies and play this game!

Spaghetti Bridge

See how you can design, construction and testing a bridge made with spaghetti! You will also have an explanation of the basic concepts of how these structures work

Magnetic fields and applications

In this activity you will see how magnetic fields are created and, at the same time, levitate bodies, boil water without fire and decelerate a body in free fall

Routing Problems Using Different Algorithms

Vehicle Routing Programming (RTR), routing is crucial to supply chain efficiency and customer service level. You will see a playful presentation of a problem of programming of routes of vehicles, and a presentation of a computer animation of a practical case

Daily life of an airline pilot

Let’s recreate the interior of an aircraft and experience some of the tasks that make part of the day-to-day life pilot. Among simulators, flight calculations and barometric altimeters, the only thing missing is to take-off!

Car of the future

The current mobility forms reflect needs and requirements of our society. Cars powered by hydrogen, biodiesel or natural gas, electric cars or hybrids: let’s manipulate test and understand the functioning of these different technologies

“Specialized diversification to enhance the sustainable growth of the northern region” Conference

In the context of the European Researchers’ Night, held in Matosinhos, on 29 September, the conference “Intelligent and Sustainable Territories”, where we discuss the main themes of innovation oriented to the development of sustainable cities, promoting innovation and competitiveness in the region.


Design Thinking
Sea & Sustainability

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10pm—12am: Fun Science
Contest Science Slam by PubhD Porto

The “investigator” Space has as a main objective of creating a relaxed atmosphere in which researchers can, as afun and original way, share experiences from your everyday life science and, on the other hand, provide a place where you can access the information in order to promote the promotion of the development of their careers in the future.

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