Event Activities

Science at the Hall 

Location: Palácio de Cristal Hall

Target: School students (elementary to secondary)

Time: 2pm to 6pm


Adventure with Champi

Champi takes you on a journey to medical science: stem cells, nanotechnology, DNA and gene therapy. Are you part of the future generation of doctors and scientists?

Biolab: Scientist for an hour

Practice microsurgeries, interact with 3D models, experiment protective equipment used in laboratories of high biological safety and explore the brain with experiences and games

The Museum of Anatomy comes to the Palace

Contact with anatomical pieces with more than a hundred years old and learn how the human body is constituted, using different perspectives

The Invisible World of Microorganisms

Viruses, bacteria, fungi … come to know the great threats of microbiology and learn more about infectious diseases like tuberculosis and malaria

AR.CADE: games that take care of your lungs

Come try out the prototype of a mobile application that helps to monitor in a funny way the symptoms of chronic respiratory diseases in children

Your brain live and color

The brain is one of the most important tools in the universe and you have the opportunity to see it (neuroimaging) and reveal its secrets

The Adventures of Supernotify

Come and simulate a scenario in which an adverse reaction to a drug occurs and learn how to proceed with drug surveillance

Building organic molecules

Sugars, drugs and vitamins … come and discover how some organic molecules are and what kind of binding they do


Sugars (carbohydrates) are not all the same. Explore the differences between the three major groups of sugars

Oops! What reagent is this?

What do we do when we lose the reagent labels? Take part in this difficult challenge, using only unlabeled solutions and finding out what to do when everything seems lost

Abracadabra: magic with chemistry and physics

Come make color-changing solutions with magic words, prepare jelly catchers and create small explosions with candies!

How many pigments can you separate?

Inks are mixtures of various pigments or compounds. Come to learn how to make a chromatographic column and separate the different pigments that are part of a black ink

Silk route

How can silk help healing chronic wounds? Wear the “skin” of a scientist and explore the application of biomaterials to skin regeneration

Genes Office (Workshop)

How does genetic material work? What is DNA and RNA? Discover mutations and genetic diseases: take a gene to the workshop, repair a mutation and cure the disease!

New Information Technologies

What are “smart” materials and how do they work?

Have you ever imagined running on a rug that gives speed indication through the intensity of light? Challenge a colleague and see who runs faster! The sensors will dictate who wins!

Toys and 3D printing

Have you thought about how to build a toy with 3D printing? It’s like making a puzzle, but with special rules! Do you want to try?

Industrial Revolution: Towards Intelligent Factories

Do you want to interact in real time with the engineering labs? Discover the tools that allow the integration of industrial systems

“Thingyfication” of cardiac activity

In this activity we will transform the your hearts’ beat into a thing. Come and discover how your ideas can make a difference

Wireless networks

Internet of Things: Come and discover what wireless sensor networks are and what they are used for

Robotic arm

Carrying objects from one location to another using sensors. Find out what you can do with a robotic arm!

Farming Robots

Get to know two robotic platforms for agriculture and precision forest. Find out why these platforms are indispensable tools


Do you like robots? Participate in activities that combine technologies from the areas of robotics, virtual worlds and internet things

Digital Storytelling: The director is you!

Have you ever tried to create your own video? Participate in this workshop and create your own story

Emotions detective: Nothing escapes you!

Did you know that there is already real-time automatic recognition technology that allows mapping emotions? Come and try it

Health Kiosk: ICT for health

Weight, Blood Pressure and Oximetry, you can monitor everything yourself with the Health Kiosk. Find out how ICT (Information and communication technologies) helps you watch your health

Junior Code Academy

Do you know what lies behind your technological toys? Creativity: learn code and show how you can solve problems

Clinical simulation

Come and see a simulator made in Portugal that recreates virtually clinical cases. Discover how technology prepares nurses of the future!

Agro Food & Environment

Biodiesel Lab

Do you like fries and are you environmentally friendly? Discover how to value the used food oil, turning it into biodiesel

Black Tide: Help Minimize a Tragedy

Oil spills at sea have incalculable impacts. Simulate a black tide and test methods and cleaning materials for birds and affected areas

What is hidden in the sand of our beaches?

Did you know that the plastic left in the environment will break with time, becoming so small that it is no longer visible to the naked eye? But it still causes serious problems for marine life. Come and discover what hides the sand of our beaches

What is the color of leather?

Come and learn how to produce and color the leather and to discover how activated charcoal can minimize environmental impact

Do you want to make recycled paper at home?

Paper is made from the trees, but it is possible to make new paper from paper already used and reduce the environmental impact. Come and learn how to do it

Magic paper

Paper has been an inexhaustible target of scientific experiments. Come and find out some of the things you can do with paper

Do you treat the nutrients by “you”?

Do you know what nutrients are and how many calories do you eat each day? Identify the nutrients, know the caloric value of some kinds of foods and calculate your rate of basal metabolism

There is no stress in my orchard

Several conditions may interfere with fruit and vegetable productivity and quality. Come learn how to assess plant stress and keep your orchard safe

The secrets of legumes

Did you know that in addition to being part of a healthy diet, legumes can replace nitrogen fertilizers? The secret lies in their relationship with bacteria

The discovery of DNA in ancient agricultural species

Did you know that “Focinho-de-Burro”, “Sangue-de-Boi”  and “Rabo-de-Ovelha” are  varieties of food at risk of extinction? Extracting your DNA is one of the conservation strategies that has been used. Do you want to learn how to do it?

Symbolic Capital

Molecular gastronomy

Come and join us preparing lollipop of pineapple, tangerine and honey, mango spaghetti, coloured caviar, surprise Marie Curie sugarplum and shots of Coca-Cola and 7-up

Now you see, then you do not see: material that changes color with temperature

Heat the material and see how it changes color. This material has small particles inside and as we change the temperature they change color

Rainproof and muddyproof toys

Did you know that there are materials that protect your toys without changing their appearance, acting as invisible robes? We dare you to dirt a ball. You think you can?

The Magician's Labyrinth

Follow the markings and take a drop of water to the finish line. If you leave the line the drop disappears. Know why? There are materials that prevent water from being absorbed

Clothes of the future

Strawberry, lavender and others what more! There is something for everyone and the clothes of the future will be like that, full of aromas. Find out the scent that hides in small threads

Sweaters that change color

By day it looks like a normal nightgown, but at night becomes brilliant by magic! Watch as special threads react to light and discover how they are composed by lurking them under a microscope!

Ciência à moda do Norte - Got Talent

Find the artist that hides inside you! Participate in contemporary dance and theater initiation workshops! Place the shyness aside and come to have fun

Do you have good posture?

Did you know that your habits affect your posture? What will your performance look like in the events we have planned? Come and find out!

Hiper Synchronized

What makes you dance? Can your dog learn ballet? Do you dance to the sound of the TV news presenter, or “in the image” of the traffic lights? What’s the use of dancing?

Science Ice Creams

Each “science ice cream” consists of an experimental activity, with which you will observe, discuss and explain a physical phenomenon. We have 5 different “flavours”. Come and get to know them

Molecular gastronomy and mixology

Test several techniques of the molecular gastronomy and mixology used to produce cocktails and light snacks full of science. Emulsifications, gelling and “spherifications” will be the basis of our experiences.

Science at the Gardens

Location: Palácio de Cristal Gardens

Target-group: School students and general public

Time: 2pm to 6pm


Lets get into the microscopic world and get familiar with bacteria, virus, fungus and other parasites that live in the human body. You are invited to observe microorganisms that live in our skin, learn to build microscopes with ordinary objects and to produce aseptic geysers for daily use

High-tech body

We propose a journey to the world of stem cells, tissue culture and medical robotics. We invite the public to observe blood cells, to know the science behind cell rejuvenations products and how to build a robotic finger

Biotech lab

In a biotech lab, micropipettes, bacteria and DNA are a constant. We invite the audience to analyse electrophoresis gels, extract DNA and prepare antibiograms with natural products

Programming is easy

Programming allows for the manipulation of electrical components for the execution of tasks and numerous daily functions. We invite the audience to programme objects and assemble tiny robots

Science contest

During the event, participants will be invited to play a game where they will be challenged with different questions and will have to go to the different stations to solve the problem. The contest will use different audience engagement techniques such as science quizzes, treasure hunt or speed dating.


When biology and chemistry come together with engineering new technological solutions emerge that can be applied to the environment, food and health. We invite the audience to produce biodiesel, to observe the functioning of a PhytoEtar or to encapsulate micronutrients for soil addition.

Science at the Library 

Location: Palácio de Cristal Library (Almeida Garrett)

Destinatários: Researchers, Public bodies, Universities and R&D Centres

Time: 3pm to 10pm

Workshop “Funding opportunities for researchers and R&D Centres within Horizon 2020 / Ações Marie Skłodowska-Curie / RISE”

This workshop intends to explore funding opportunities for researchers and R&D Centres

Full programme here. 

Conference “Smart Growth and Specialisation in the Northern Region”

The conference “Smart Growth and Specialisation in the Northern Region” aimed at fostering a discussion amongst the may regional R&D and Innovation players

Full programme here. 

Lecture “Bathing Universe”

During his work, Newton realized that phenomena so different such as a falling body, the movement of the stars or even tides are manifestations of the same force: gravity.
What he might not suspect is that the reason behind the tides would have profound consequences on other planets, on other satellites, and even on other galaxies.
This lecture aims at exploring how simple principles allow us to understand the Universe a bit more, in an informal and fun way.

Professor Alexandre Aibéo
(In collaboration with Gradiva Publications)


Port of Honor

Teaser activities


ScienceScovery at Serralves Autumn Fest

More information: here.


Training “Communicating Science”